Macau 2008: Part II


After settling down for a few minutes, we headed to Senado Square. We walked along the small alleys lined with shops, restaurants and hostels.

Hotel Man Va, Hotel Ko Wah, Vila Universal

We passed by the famous Koi Kei bakery...

koi kei

and spotted one of my favorite pasalubongs.

Meat Jerky
We reached Senado Square in 10 minutes.

 leal senado
The Leal Senado building


Santa Casa da Misericórdia
Holy House of Mercy

busy square

The place is still alive at 9pm. We stopped by my favourite cosmetic store, Sasa to check out for perfumes.

sto domingo
Sto. Domingo

We also visited the St. Paul Ruins before heading off to Venetian Hotel. The Venetian Hotel has a free shuttle service at the Macau Ferry Terminal. So we walked to the bus stop in front of Macau Square and waited for the Bus 3 which says Terminal Maritimo. When riding the bus, you should pay attention to the destination sign flashing in front to avoid getting lost. 

macau square
Macau Square - one of the few shopping malls in Macau

macau public bus

We easily spotted the violet Venetian shuttle bus which is parked just outside the ferry terminal.

venetian shuttle
Venetian Shuttle

Venetian Hotel

venetian hall

game area
Venetian Hotel's Gaming Area

st marks square
St. Mark's Square

living statue
Living Statue

Food Court

pork rice bowl
Pork Rice Bowl priced at HKD 55

Gondola at the canal shops

ManUtd Experience
ManUtd Experience is LOVE

mcdonald's venetian
Dessert at Mcdonald's

We took the shuttle again to take us back to the ferry terminal. Buses in Macau operate only until midnight so we had to take the taxi to our hotel. Please do note that most taxi drivers in Macau do not understand English so a map really comes in handy. We were declined by 2 taxis before I realized to take my map out and point to the driver our hotel. Funny thing is, the 3rd taxi driver can speak in English. Haha. Sayang ang effort ko sa map.