03 October 2014

How to have your documents authenticated by UAE Embassy Manila

This post is based on my experience in processing the documents (TOR/DIPLOMA) for my cousin who works in UAE. It may be different from yours but at least you'll have an idea should you wish to work in UAE.

1. If you're already in UAE, send your "red-ribboned" documents for authentication to your relatives or friends in the Philippines. 

The UAE Embassy in Manila doesn't accept walk-ins. The only courier that is accredited to process your documents is DHL/WWWExpress. Note that not all DHL/WWWExpress outlets have authentication service. Better call their hotline first to be sure. SM Cubao branch and Shangri-La Branch have this.

Authentication Fee: P1700
Courier Fee: P554 (From DHL SM Cubao to UAE Embassy) 

Should you wish to have it sent back to you in UAE, shipping fee is P1740.

Processing time is 7 working days and another 3 working days before your documents arrive in UAE.

Make sure you have the DFA receipt with your "red-ribboned" documents.

2. If your "red-ribboned" documents are expired, have them renewed. If it's not renewable, you have to repeat the whole process.

On my first attempt to bring the "red-ribboned" documents to the DHL/WWWExpress outlet, they were rejected because they were authenticated by DFA more than 5 years ago.  I was advised to proceed to DFA to have the front page renewed. I called DFA and was told that they will not renew the document anymore. I would need to go back to my cousin's alma mater, request for her documents and have them authenticated by CHED before I bring them to DFA for red ribbon.


And since I needed to start from scratch, the universities and other agencies involved required me to present an authorization letter, and a photocopy of my cousin's ID and mine. Make sure to have more than 1 copy of each. Some requires authorization letter to be notarized. Glad I didn't have to.

4. Request for your Diploma and TOR from your school's registrar.

Payment for these documents especially for CAV (Certification, Authentication, Verification) may vary from one school to another. Like in my case, I paid $40 (P1788.80) and P150 for the whole package. After submitting your request, your school will be the one to bring it to CHED and CHED will bring your documents to DFA. So the stub that will be given to you by your school's registrar will be your claim stub at DFA. But this process takes a looooong time.

5. In special circumstances, the Registrar will allow you to hand-carry your documents to CHED and DFA.

Since my cousin needed her documents to be expedited, we submitted a proof of urgency (ex: job offer) to the registrar's office to allow me to bring the documents personally to CHED. The registrar then handed me the documents in a sealed envelope addressed to CHED. Make sure to double check  the documents (for typos, etc.)  before having them sealed.

6. Submit your CAV documents to CHED.

CHED NCR is located at UP Diliman along CP Garcia. From Quezon Ave MRT Station, take a UP Campus jeepney and tell the driver to drop you off at CHED. Coming from Katipunan LRT2 Station, you can take a jeep also or cab for convenience. 

Documents submitted to CHED between 8am-12noon will be released by 3PM of the same day. If submitted in the afternoon, it will be released the following day. I was there at 10am, paid P40 at the cashier and went back at 3PM to pick up the sealed envelope.

I was asked to provide an authorization letter before I was handed the sealed envelope addressed to DFA Ali Mall. DFA Ali Mall and DFA Megamall by the way, now has authentication services so you need not go to DFA ASEANA if you are from the north. 

7. Submit your documents to DFA.

Good thing that the authentication section of the DFA is separate from the passport section so there was no line. I proceeded to the counter and handed the envelope with authorization letter and copy of my cousin's ID and mine.

Processing Fee:
Regular (4 working days) - 100
Expedite (1 working day) - 200

I had it expedited so I was asked to go back between 3PM-6PM the following day.

8. Proceed to step no. 1.

I took the documents to DHL/WWWExpress in SM Cubao and paid for the necessary fees. 


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