Denmark Eats

They say that the best way to experience a place is to try what the locals eat. Well, I couldn't agree more. More than the tourist spots, food is always what I look forward to when we travel. Here I listed down all the foods I tried during our 2 week stay in Denmark.

Pølse. This was our first meal in Denmark. Pølse is the Danish equivalent of sausage and being sold in pølsevogn or hotdog stands. Unlike other footlongs, this one is sandwiched between a standard size hotdog bun.

This is another version of it which we bought from a stand in Strøget in Copenhagen.

Sunset Boulevard Burger. If we had hotdog for lunch on our first day, then this was our dinner. I was too shy to take a photo as we were eating with my hubby's boss. So I just took a photo of the take away box when we got home to the apartment. Hehe. 

Here's a photo of their burger from their website just in case you want to see how big is it:

Home cooked meals. Since my hubby and I stayed in an apartment with his two colleagues, we were able to prepare our meals. Arla always volunteered to cook so I'm the one who did the dishes. 

When everyone's left for work, it's either I reheat what's in the fridge or I just make myself some sandwich or salad for lunch. 

Having an itchy feet, I can't stay for long inside the apartment alone so I always make a quick trip to the grocery (which is about a kilometer walk) and buy some snacks. 

Berries are so cheap in Denmark! It's just about a third of the price here in the Philippines. And the dairy products too! My grocery always include a liter of Arla milk. Arla products were just recently introduced here in the Philippines so I was ecstatic to be able to buy from its origin country.

photo grabbed from their Arla's website.

According to the company's website, Arla is delivered throughout the country within 24 hours from farm to shop so you are guaranteed with fresh batch of milk every time. You really can taste the difference from the UHT variety here in PH. 

Breads. Breads you only get to buy from specialty  / medium to high end bakeries here in our country are widely available in Denmark. 

And of course, Danish pastries in Denmark ftw!

This wienerbrød is the bomb!

Funny thing though that this Danish pastries we've come to love didn't originate from the Danish country but instead was introduced by Austrians. "Wienerbrød" means Viena bread.

More cold food. This was taken from the cafeteria when I went with them to their workplace. I'm not used to eating cold lunches most especially in that cold weather but I actually enjoyed it. 

Pasta and Burger. We just returned from Paris on an Easter monday. In Denmark, Easter Monday meant that shops are closed so we had no choice but to grab some lunch on the only opened restaurant nearest our apartment— Sara's Pizza and Burger House.

The pasta sauce tasted like it came from a can and the burger, well it is safe to say that we just really need to eat. 

Faxe Kondi. Faxe Kondi is like the 7-Up of Denmark. It's good but I try to avoid soft drinks as much as I can.

Easter Monday Dinner. We were invited for dinner at the Svennevigs. We had roast lamb,  potatoes tzatsiki and finished of with a nice serving of white chocolate mousse.

Healthy Kitchen.  Det Sunde Kokken really serves good food. I ordered one stick of kebab with 2 salads. I'm actually thinking about that curry pasta salad right now. I hope I can find a good recipe so I can recreate it. 

Greek. We were treated to a Greek restaurant in Lyngby. According to Erik (their boss) it's their go to place whenever they crave for Greek food. 

oksefillet / beef fillet


They also let us try the Ouzo, a Greek anise-flavored liquor. No other way to describe its taste but a vodka with anise. 

Gullerodsmuffin. Best carrot muffin I have ever tasted and I'm not exaggerating. This was from Espresso House.

Here's how it should like prior devouring it.

Gasoline Burger. Obviously, no gasoline in the ingredient. This burger shop is just situated in a gasoline station. According to Erik, they were always attempting to line up but it always get sold out early. So we took our chances and lined up. And it was worth it!

La Glace Cakes. A perfect way to end our Denmark trip was our visit to Konditori La Glace. Their selection of cakes explains why the'yve been in the business for so long. If you happen to be in Copenhagen, I strongly suggest you visit the place. And they also serve good hot chocolate. 

Lucky you

Sports Cake

Volmer Cake

I didn't get to take a photo of our Nilaga lunch at the apartment. It was the first time I ate it with lettuce since we cannot find any pechay or cabbage in the grocery. Pinoys being Pinoys, we brought a supply of Knorr cubes and sinigang mix hoping we can cook sinigang but there's no Kangkong in Denmark. =( We also cannot find any soy sauce in the nearby grocery so we weren't able to cook Adobo. 

Upon arriving back in Manila, I phoned my mom and asked her to cook Adobo for us. Hehe.