Innwa: Burma's Ancient Capital

We were on day 5 of exploring Myanmar as evident in my tired and sunburnt feet and screaming eyebags. It was nearly sunset but our driver insisted that we still visit Innwa before heading back to downtown Mandalay.

Innwa / Ava used to be Myanmar's seat of power hundreds of years ago.

Getting to this ancient city required us to take a 3 minute boat ride as it is located across the river. Our driver stayed behind.

Getting around was another story. It's quite small for a city but too big to walk around so you have to negotiate with the local guides in their horse carts who were waiting along the bank.

Compared to the other areas we've been to in Mandalay, this place had a very peaceful vibe probably because we were the only tourists at that time.

Yadana Hsimi

A bit scary if you think about it but it was definitely a breath of fresh air after fighting our way among hordes of tourists and temple worshipers since morning and getting stuck in traffic.

It was also good to witness the locals just go about their day and be greeted by kids while we were at the pagoda.

We travelled for long hours on the road,  spending the nights in buses just to be able to squeeze in as many places as possible in less than a week. Just remembering the experience makes me feel tired already. Haha. But I do miss it. I just don't know if my body is still up for that kind of adventure again. 😅