Salad Oh! Mainit pa!


After 9 long months, I found myself again at the NAIA terminal 3 with my dearest HS buddies and our BFs /GFs (I travelled to Coron with 5 of them last October).This time we’re 13 in the group and we’re hitting Northern Mindanao.


We took advantage of Cebu Pacific’s seat sale last November 2009 and were able to book RT tickets for Cagayan de Oro for only less than 100 pesos. 

excited na the travel agent. haha.

Our plane left at 15 minutes past the hour of 8.

Cebu Pacific's nababakbak na seat. Kaya ba mura ang airfare?

What happened to my Baconettes?


and my Marty's?


After an hour and 20 minutes, we’ve finally touched down at Lumbia Airport . 

lumbia airport
Welcome to the City of Golden Friendship!

As soon as we got our baggage, we went outside the arrival hall to look for Kuya Jejemon1 and were welcomed by manongs at the parking lot yelling “Salad oh2, Mainit pa!” At first I thought they were selling salads but hot salad? Is there such thing? Sabi ko nga eh, naharass na pala kami. Nyaha.

Kuya Jejemon's van

After a few minutes, we found Kuya Jejemon. We loaded our bags inside his van then drove off to our first destination – Bukidnon!

 1 Kuya Jejemon is our driver for the entire trip. We named him Jejemon because of his “jejemonic” text messages. I never got to know his real name though. Jego, ano nga ba name niya? 

 2 means "chicks". lol.


  1. hahaha,ganun din nangyari sa chips ko na nilagay ko sa lagayan ng bag sa taas.halos pumutok na dahil napuno ng hangin.

    1. minsan natuluyan yung chips ko during my HKG-MNL flight. ang lakas nung pagsabog. pagtingin ko kumalat na sa paperbag yung chips. napakain tuloy ng d oras. haha.


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