Off to the Land of the Bicolandias


orig fake
Real vs Steal. Sinong tatagal?

Every time my HS friends and I go on trips, we do it DIY style. This time, we decided to have someone take care of it since Caramoan is a young travel destination and we’re too busy to prepare for this trip. My friend, J, booked our trip via Kadlagan Tours. The package already included the tour, land and boat transfers, accommodation and food.

Nice to see you again, Air Phil.

Roundtrip Ticket Cost (with 15kg baggage allowance): 615

floral and khaki
Floral Top + Khaki Shorts. Not bad.

We departed on time and we touched down at Naga Airport in less than an hour.

naga airport

Relief Goods? No. This is how you get your baggage. Hi-tech! Well at least they check the tags before you exit the building.

baggage claim

The peeps from Kadlagan Tours were already waiting for us at the arrival hall.

Ate Donna (our tour guide) and Mr. Jojo (the owner)

We hopped on the van for a 1 hour ride to Sabang Port. Ate Donna handed us our survival kits which included a scarf, a necklace and a guidebook.

survival kits

Our original flight of 6:45am was moved to 9:10am a few weeks back, so we were a bit worried then that we might miss the last boat to Guijalo Port which leaves at 11am.

sabang port
Sabang Port

And yes, we just missed the 11am boat. Ngek.


But of course, we’re still lucky because there’s another available trip leaving at 1pm. Woopee!

So how did we spend the next 2 hours?

Videoke at a nearby resort!

gulf tide resort


By 1pm, we got ourselves ready then headed back to the port.


And now here’s the scary part. The boat was docked about 10 meters away from the shore. As you can see in the photo, the water was waist deep so how did we manage to get on the boat without getting wet?

Presenting... the human porters!

human porters
Pasan Fee: 20 pesos.

I secured all my gadgets in the plastic bag so we weren’t able to take photos.

We left the port around 2pm since we had to wait for other passengers to fill up the boat. Well at least we were still charged the regular fare of 120 php. So okay lang mag-antay.

Bicol's version of the Chocolate Hills

Good thing the sea was calm during our 2hr trip to Caramoan but next time, I’ll make sure to bring a cushion with me. Masakit sa pwet ha.

Upon arriving at the port, we hopped immediately on the rented jeep and faced another 40-minute zig-zaggy and bumpy ride to Paniman Bay.


The ride was definitely exhausting because we’ve been head-banging endlessly due to the unpaved roads. *knock-knock Mr. Governor*

 Lubak kung Lubak

 But at the same time, we enjoyed the smell and sights of the farms along the way.



Finally, we reached the Breeze and Waves Resort where we stayed for 2 nights.

breeze and waves

breeze and waves building
2-storey building. We occupied the first 2 rooms on the ground floor.

Our room which can accommodate up to 4 persons.

Toilet & Bath

We placed our stuff in our rooms then headed back to the dining area and had our first full meal of the day.

grilled fish
 Grilled fish


Chicken Curry

Happy and Busog. Burrrp.

happy and busog

Since it’s already late, we had to cancel our caving activity that afternoon.

paniman beach
Picture taking in the fine dark sand.

Aside from being a jump-off point for island hopping, Paniman Bay in itself is already a sight to see. The towering limestone cliffs of Gota village can be seen from the beach.

 To kill time, we walked along the shores of Paniman Bay up to the Paniman River.


We had nothing to do that night so we rented a videoke.

videoke again

and Diego!

By 9pm, the dinner was served. Wowowow!



Bicol Express

merry christmas
Merry Christmas!


  1. it's a nice thing that you've been here in bicol to visit our one of the most panoramic views and beaches. hope you can also visit some other places in Bicol. ty :))

    1. Of course! Legaspi and donsol are also on my list. If my sched permits, i would love to go back to Cwc again =)


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