Exploring Caramoan: Sabitang Laya


paniman morning
Good morning!

The whole group was forced to get up by 6am to complete our itinerary for that day.

We had a very quick breakfast (longganisa+scrambled egg+ fried rice) then hopped on the boat in our swimming gears.



willys rock
Caramoan's version of Willy's Rock - just a few meters away from the Paniman beach

After a 30-minute boat ride, we finally reached our first destination.

Sabitang Laya

boat sabitang

 sabitang laya

According to Ate Donna, this is one of the favorite spots for Survivor. The best time to visit the beach is during summer where the sand is clear of grasses and shrubs.



this is what we are trying to achieve. haha!

my gels

our bubu: too lazy to explore the other end of the island, we left Sabitang Laya without witnessing the beautiful rock formations which has been featured in almost every blogs about Caramoan.