Camsur Watersports Complex

 10.11.10 - 10.12.10

Being on a tight budget, my friends and I decided to stay at the Ecovillage. It's located few meters away from CWC but a shuttle is provided within the complex so transportation was not a problem.

eco village
with our tour guide (from dude's cam)

We took the Villa 4 - air-conditioned studio type room with 3 queen beds good for 6. We requested for an extra bed since we are 6.

eco room

 The Ecovillage has the cheapest rooms in all of CWC. But if you have the money to spare, avoid staying here as much as possible so you won't get disappointed. Aside from the clean bedding, everything is just bad. The room is old even though it looks like it's just been repainted (with salmon pink color +baduy green curtains) , dark lighting, musty smelling cabinets, no tv (even if there's a cable), molds in the bathroom floor and walls, broken heater, broken bathroom door. Swimming pool has no water. Need I say more?

Well I hope the management will do something about it.

On a lighter note, I'll share with you our great experience at CWC.

We didn't have any activity that night aside from dining at the CWC Clubhouse as we were dead tired of the road+boat+road trips we had the whole day. We just reserved our energies for the major activity the following day.

cwc clubhouse

The next morning, we got up early and packed our stuff. After checking out, we got on the shuttle and headed to CWC - it's wakeboarding kneeboarding time!


It was gloomy that morning and in a few minutes, it started to rain. And so we had our breakfast first at the clubhouse.

pancake bacon



Luckily the rain didn't last long. As as we finished our breakfast, we rested a bit then the 5 of us prepared for our one-hour knee boarding activity.

Di kami ambisyosa so next time ka na. Hehe.

Orientation by kuya (parang lasing dko masyado nagets.)



After the orientation, we lined up at the jump-off area. Let's get it on!






It looked easy at first pero mahirap pala siya. I didn't get to finish the full course. I hit one of the long ramps and was still being dragged by the rope against it so I let go of the handle and let myself fall in the water. When i got off the water, I noticed that my right knee was bleeding. I made my way back then headed to the first aid station.

Warning: Not for the faint of heart!

Di na ko umulit.Masakit eh. But will I try it next time? of course!

Right after I was given medication, I just stayed in our table and took pictures of the pros. 


If knee/wakeboarding is not your thing, you can lounge at the pool area and enjoy the stunning view of Mt. Isarog.


enjoying at the pool
Uno,dos,tres,quatro! (hanggang dito ba naman)

After about an hour, we took a shower then ordered our lunch. 


We stayed there until it was time to leave for the airport. Sarap chumill!

ang paa kamusta?


  1. Sarap naman ang buhay natin...Can I come?? I guess sa dream na lang....heheh..miss u guys..

  2. oohh, i enjoyed the food at cwc too! wagi!

  3. pagbalik nga ng manila namiss ko agad yung place and habang tinatapos ko tong blog namiss ko ulet!


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