Bantayan Island: Walking around Sta. Fe

July 9, 2011. The time is almost 3pm and we haven't had our lunch yet. Jego suggested a restaurant whose name she only recalls as 'Porchu-wow' (in Jego's vocabulary, 'wow' is equivalent to 'kwan'). So the whole group went out of the resort to look for that resto.

Marisqueira O Portuguese aka Porchu-wow. Lol.
The restaurant is about a 5 minute walk from Kota beach. We passed by a number of sari-sari stores along the way.

There's also a school at the next block.

The Sta. Fe Public Market

There are a lot of restos within the perimeter but we decided to give Marisqueira a try. Eh hilo na rin kami no.

(photo by: Dude)

The restaurant is decorated with flags, jerseys, etc.

more jerseys
(photo by:Chippie)

Time to order!

Mazarap kaya ang zizling gambas?
(photo by: Chippie)

I had grilled squid meal aka rubber squid

and Dell had grilled liempo aka liempo gum

My Ratings for this resto: 3 out of 5

Right after lunch, we walked back to the resort but this time we took the other route.

one of the restobars in the area

miss na miss si Mr. Ronquillo

Banana tree on one of the yards

grafitti on what may seem like an abandoned public restroom
(photo by: Chippie)

kasya kami
(photo by: Goms)

one of the resorts near Kota


  1. LOL at "liempo gum". Too bad, it kinda looks yum! I miss Bantayan! That place is such paradise :)

  2. ahaha! we were the first customers ata for the day and 13 kami kaya mejo nataranta sila. Hence, half cooked food. =p


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