We Survived: Skywalk Extreme

The Sky Experience Adventure at Crown Regency Hotel and Towers was the last activity we did before our flight back to Manila. They' offer activities like the Edge Coaster, 4D Show. and the Skywalk Extreme.

skywalk extreme

Soon after we were dropped off at the hotel, we left our bags at the lobby and went up to the 19th floor.

 crown regency pool
view from the scenic elevator

Some of our friends availed of the 2 rides + Buffet package while Dell and I only availed of the Skywalk Extreme + Dinner Buffet (details on a separate post) which costed 750 each. It also came with a free souvenir.

As soon as we had our tickets, we proceeded to the gate and took the elevator all the way up to the 37th floor. (Note: You still have to pay an admission fee of 250 pesos to get there even if you're doing any of the activities.)

cebu skyline
Cebu Skyline

We put our things at the lockers and put our socks on. Socks are available at the counter for 20 pesos in case you forgot to bring one. We then went inside and got dressed in orange jumpsuits and white sneaks. 



After some reminders, it was time to face our fears. Cameras were not allowed so we just let Kabbie take the photos through the glass window.






and because we're makunat, we only bought one photo. Hahaha!

skywalk extreme souvenir

The whole activity only took 10 minutes and yes, we completed it! Wuhoo!

we did it


we made it