Paraffin Session @ Luxe Nail Lounge


My friends and I scheduled our nail spa visit last Saturday. We got a very cheap deal from Ensogo - a Paraffin Wax Treatment session for Hands and Feet (valued at 880) for only 275!

Luxe Nail Lounge

Jego and I arrived just in time for our 6:30 PM appointment. Chip and Deb were booked for 7:00 PM.


Luxe Nail Lounge is located at Lower Level East Lane, Robinsons Galleria

I handed our vouchers to the girl at the reception area then we were led inside the cozy room with dimmed lights.


I availed of their basic pedicure service (220) on top of the paraffin treatment. Basic Pedicure includes Soaking, Massaging, Shaping and Painting (with a selection mostly of Orly and OPI). Too bad I didn't get my nails painted since they were too dry according to my attendant.
The paraffin treatment procedure started with a scrub



and then dipping of your hands or feet on the hot wax. The procedure is repeated 4 or 5 times.
Note: The last dip is the most painful. 

Your hand / foot will then be covered with plastic and mittens to let the wax set for a couple of minutes.

(This explains the lack of photos. Hehe)

The procedure ends with the removal of the wax followed by a massage using moisturizing cream.

We were almost done when Deb and Chip arrived. Good thing there aren't many customers that time so we were allowed to stay inside and waited for them to finish.

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