Once Upon A Cantonese Winter: A Mix of Old and New

 Feb 17, 2011 — The once Portuguese colony has still maintained its charm despite the numerous hotels and casinos being built in the peninsula.

senado square
A very modern Bossini Store beside a 400 year old church

Just like in Hong Kong, you can get to most of the sights in Macau just by walking.

holiday inn
Diamond Casino / Holiday Inn 

A police van.

A few minutes walk from the hotel took us to one of Asia's best casino hotels - The Grand Lisboa.

grand lisboa

It was owned by the same people that built Casino Lisboa 40 years ago.

casino lisboa

We then headed to the busiest street in Macau - the Avenida de Almeida Ribero. Also called San Ma Lo in Cantonese.
 san ma lo
Transmac Bus - one of the only 3 bus companies in Macau

metropole hotel
Metropole Hotel - a more expensive alternative to Metropark Hotel but has a perfect location. 

One of the famous landmarks found along San Ma Lo is the Largo do Senado or Senado Square. It is lined with neo-classical buildings which served as government offices during the Portuguese regime. It is now a shopping mecca for both locals and tourists.

leal senado
Leal Senado Building at the backdrop

 Chinese New Year Festivities can still be felt here.

macau post office
Kung Hei Fat Choi!

mcdonalds senado
Mc Donald's

st dominic church
 St. Dominic Church

On our way to the St. Paul Ruins, we passed by the store which was featured in the Koreanovela "Boys Over Flowers". We lined up to buy their best selling porkchop buns and egg tarts.

boys over flowers

3 porkchopbuns please
Me - Getting ready to make hand signs for our orders.

porkchop bun with milk tea
Porkchop buns and iced pearl milk tea in the freezing cold.

Nothing special about the porkchop buns.They taste like pork tocino in pan de sal buns.

We bought the Adolf Hitler Ronald Mc Donald from this store.

souvenir tees

And for the 3rd time, I was at the St. Paul Ruins again.

 st paul ruins


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