Batu Caves

Batu Caves is a sacred place for the Hindus living in Malaysia and is one of the popular tourist spots in the country. It is located 13km from Kuala Lumpur and can be accessed via the KTM Komuter train, RapidKL, or by taxi.

We had a quick breakfast at Mcdonald's that morning and headed off to KL Sentral. The cheapest way to get to Batu Caves is via the KTM Komuter. Unlike the LRT and KLIA Transit, tickets are being sold at the counter. Fare is RM2.

Luckily, we made it to the 9:43am trip.

It was a 25-minute trip from KL Sentral via the KTM Komuter train. Once we got out of the station, we were greeted by stalls selling food, souvenirs, clothing, jewelry, cassette tapes and other things.

We went first to the leftmost side and took pictures of Hanuman, the monkey god of Hindus.


Aside from other tourists, we saw devotees in their bright yellow costumes. Some applied some white colored wax on their shaved heads. I didn't take close-up shots because they might get offended.

Lot of pigeons surrounded the area.


We found a monkey!

I've read some stories about these monkeys stealing stuff from people. And so we made sure we secured our belongings on our way up.

My excitement to reach the cave via the 272-step stairway slowly turned into disappointment upon seeing the water bottles, plastics, fruit peelings, and other trash on the way up.  The stairway also stinks probably due to the monkeys' waste.

The hike was very exhausting. Good thing there are bottled waters being sold at the souvenir shop.

 Pile of garbage! Yikes!

view from the top

 We didn't bother going to the inner parts of the cave because there are more trash inside.

We later found out the Thaipusam Festival has just been celebrated there last Feb 7, 2012 - 3 days before our visit. That I think explains the amount of trash we saw at the cave.

I just hope they maintain the cave as it is a sacred place especially to Hindu people.

We didn't stay there longer as we were excited to go to Genting that same day. We took the KTM Komuter again back to KL Sentral.


  1. You had missed, the breathtaking limestones on the inner cave :-(. Where you can turn 360 degrees and just awe inspired! Yeah, the trash is really an issue before or after the Thaipusam.

    1. really? oh well at least i still have a reason to go back. :)


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