Cu Chi Tunnel Tour

Our major activity in our Vietnam leg (besides shopping) was the Cu Chi Tunnel tour.  We already passed up the opportunity to see the Water Puppet show to give way to more shopping time. So we really allotted time for this one. We had our tour arranged by Nguyen Khang Hotel and paid $6 each (excluding entrance fee).

So on our second and last day in Ho Chi Minh, we were up early to prepare for our Cu Chi trip. We stuffed ourselves with the complimentary breakfast at the hotel (bread, jam, fruit) and then waited outside for our tour bus.

The tour guide collected our payment for the tickets (80,000 VND) and let us fill out a form with our information.

 The ride to Cu Chi Tunnel took more than 2 hours.

 Our tour guide at the ticket booth

Refreshments and souvenirs are available at the entrance.

And then we entered this tunnel which signaled the start of our tour.


self-made weapons gallery

Just imagine how gory it is if you witness an enemy being trapped on one of these. Eeeew.

There were mannequins inside which portray how the people of Cu Chi lived during the war.

an American soldier afraid to come out of the tunnel

shooting range

Here you can fire M16s or AK47s for a fee. 

It isn't our thing so we just bought some snacks at the store nearby.

After the break, we continued on to the final part of our tour. We were dared to enter the tunnel.

The tunnel gets narrower and darker as you go along. There's an exit on every 10 meters so if you feel you can't make it, just get out at the nearest exit. And here we are... on the 20th meter. Haha!

bombs and shells of the US Army

We were offered to take the boat on the way back to the city for an additional fee but we opted to take the bus.

--- part 29 of my 3 Countries, 7 Days - Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam series

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  1. We just did 20 meters too! Sis initially wanted to go further but she freaked out once we were in there. LOL.

    1. I'm semi-claustrophobic pero pinilit ko rin since all my friends wanted to get inside. sigaw lang kami ng sigaw sa loob hahaha.


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