HK 2008: Part VI - TST+Central


My mom and I got up early so we were the first ones to get dressed. I dragged her to Wellcome while the others are still having their breakfast.

busy tuesday
A busy Tuesday morning

 Wellcome’s nearest branch is at the basement of HK Pacific Centre at Hankow Road.


On the recommendation of a fellow PEx member, I headed directly to the juice section and looked for the Nestea Honey Pear Tea.

nestea honey pear

My mom also bought chocolates, fruits and some toiletries.

To check out the branches near your hotel, go to

We stopped by a nearby bakeshop on our way back.



 The store is similar to Bread Talk. Self-service style.

As soon as we got back to the hotel, we picked up our things then headed to Mirador Mansion with the whole group.

We exchanged some of our remaining Peso to HKD at Wing Hoi Money Changer
*Wing Hoi is highly recommended in Pinoy Exchange Forums

Inside Mirador Mansion, we passed by a store selling souvenirs. It was manned by a 50+ year old lady by the name of Julie who eventually became our suki (more story on my next HK trip)

While my mom and aunts are busy buying shirts, my cousin and I went to Carnavaron Rd and looked for Tin Cheung Camera Store. It was still closed when we got there so we decided to check out the other stores in the area. By 11am, we went back and luckily the store has just opened.

tin cheung
Inside Tincheung Camera. Lots and lots of camera equipment.

I bought the cheapest Nikon zoom lens. The 70-300mm. It was priced at 840 HKD on their website but I was able to get it for only less than 800 HKD. Cheaper if you paid in cash.

We headed back to the souvenir store to meet the group.  We hopped on the train and got off at Central station. We're going to the H&M flagship store! Woopee! The store is a few minutes walk from the Central MTR Station.

We saw trams along Des Veoux Rd


Even the trams have ads too!


I'll make sure I'll ride those trams on my next trip to Hong kong.

I got more excited as soon as we reached Queen’s Road.

A few more steps and voila!

H&M Flagship Store
68 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong

Right after shopping at H&M, we decided to walk up to the Central Pier and take the ferry back to TST.

connaught road
Connaught Road (Exchange Square on the left)

We got inside IFC Mall to have a quick look.

ifc mall

  city' super
City' Super (I wonder what's with the " ' ")

inside city' super
inside the grocery (shushal!)

Royce Chocolates! (They were not yet available in Manila at that time)

We bought some snacks and pasalubongs then proceeded to the ferry station.


first ferry
New World First Ferry

harbour city


We were already starving when we reached TST so we didn't get inside. Instead we walked to the Starhouse Building to have lunch.

star house

At the basement, there is a Japanese Fast food which offers discounted meals from 2-4 PM. Coolness!

promo meals

I ordered a ramen with 2 sausages and regular softdrink