Singapore Flyer

 Around 8pm, we took the cab to the Singapore Flyer where the group was set to meet up for our major activity for the day.

I've been wanting to ride this so I was really delighted when I found out that it was included in our itinerary and it was a treat from our dear Boss. Did I already say thank you? (I know you're not reading this but still, THANK YOU!)

We had a quick dinner at Subway before going up.

Sub for dinner. (my second sub for the day. 1st was at NAIA) Wala bang rice?!?

Inside, there's an interactive gallery where you get to learn facts about the Singapore Flyer.

1:500 Model

This shows how the 165m tall Singapore Flyer was erected.


color changing lights

Big Basura Ball


Here we go! Gondola up close!

Going up up up!

Marina Bay