Universal Studios Singapore... again, again, again.

May 28, 2011. Who would have thought I'd be able to go back to Universal Studios Singapore after a year — exactly at the day of the grand opening?

I learned about the May 28 Grand Opening only a few weeks before our trip. Hearing about the news, I became excited because of the lined up events — the parade, fireworks, etc. but at the same time worried because for sure the place will be jam packed.

And so came the day of our trip to USS. We got up late since we came back to the hotel around 4am from an overnight chocolate shopping. (blame it on the 24hr Mustafa Centre - on a separate post). We arrived at the theme park around lunch time and so in short, we missed the parade.

remnants of the parade

I was a bit disappointed for missing the parade but totally forgot about it when I saw Po standing a few meters away from us.

No signs of disappointment. Yip!

and a minute after our group pic with Po, I spotted Frankie!

We also spotted Woody Wood Pecker but we're told, "soli no moh" (sorry no more) when we're about to line up so we only got to take a pic with his girlfriend

can somebody tell me her name?

We then proceeded to Madagascar...

It was not yet open during our trip last year.
Warning: You may get wet.

I found the ride boring (think HK Disneyland's It's a Small World) but it's just me. For sure the kids will enjoy it. And did I get wet? Nope. If  "wisik" is counted then yes.
Intensity Level: 0 of 5.

Next: We went to the castle and had my picture taken again with Shrek and Fiona

The Fiona is prettier now compared to the previous one. Hehe.

(with my cousin K from last year's trip)

We entered the castle and watched Shrek 4D.

Warning: You may get wet.
I put back my camera safely in my bag so IT WON'T GET WET.

The show was really fun except that I easily get dizzy with 3D glasses. Haha.  

We decided to have our lunch first since it was already 3pm.

Laksa - can be shared by 2.

Chicken Rice

After having our lunch, we rested a bit then headed  to the Lost World area and lined up for the Canopy Flyer.

Intensity Level: 3 of 5

I was screaming "Oh my God" the whole time. Hahaha! But I loved it. Too bad we weren't able to try it again since we're running late for the Water World Show.

The best seats were fully occupied when we arrived so we were seated at the far right but still got a good view. 

I highly recommend the Water World Show.  Even if it's my second time to watch it, I still am amazed  especially with the effects. But I prefer the actors last year though.

No photo ops with the actors this time.KJ lang nila.

Right after the show, we hurriedly line up at the Rapids Adventure. Waiting time was 45 minutes.
And yes... to see is to believe! trulalu ang 45 mins.

Warning: You will get wet! Super!
Intensity Level: 2 of 5

Corny kami so we bought disposable raincoats for 2 SGD each. 

Next: Ancient Egypt

Photo op again with the 2 anubis mummy guards

Then tested my heart again at the Revenge of the Mummy

Intensity Level: 4 of 5 

Luckily there was no line so we ended up riding it 4 times! (with water breaks in between)
and when our bodies felt it was time to stop, we rested for a while then walked to the Sci-Fi City area.

Battle Star Galactica
my first time to see it fully operational. (the last time I was here, it was scheduled for maintenance)
No one dared to accompany me so I didn't get to experience this crazy ride.

We also explored the New York area then entered the Lights Camera Action by Steven Spielberg.

the sound stage

Warning: Even if you're just watching, you will get wet!

Beetle Juice!

Our visit to USS was wrapped up with a beautiful fireworks display...

...but my photo says otherwise Nyehe.


  1. looks like you had a great time more than we did! haha
    kainggit naman you had your photo taken with each of the mascots!

  2. it's my 2nd time na pero di ko pa rin nakita si mariyln monroe and charlie chaplin. ngaks!

  3. sayang hindi kau sumakay sa Human and Cylon (BG). the 2 rides were so fantastic pa naman. sumakay ako 6 times, 3 times each kasi wlang pila. marami atang natakot.

  4. i really wanted to!!! kaso wala kasi ako kasama sisigaw eh. haha. next time next time. kamusta naman ang sikmura mo after?


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