Once Upon A Cantonese Winter. A Prologue.

Feb 16, 2011 — Ever since I got back from my short trip in Cebu last July, I haven't been on an out of town trip which explains the slow movement in my blog. In the meantime, while I deprive myself from going to any major destination in preparation for my next major trip this February (again with my beloved friends), I'll just be writing about my trips several months back.

The first of my 2 international trips this year (one being my business trip to Singapore last May) was my most favorite destination - Hong Kong.

busy HK street
Hong Kong traffic.

Our tickets were bought on the eve of my birthday last year and we're originally 5. Four months later, our friend, Tetah learned of her pregnancy so she and her hubby, Dax backed out from the trip. That’s the consequence of buying sale tickets a year ahead of the trip. You’ll never know what’s gonna happen. But Ninang doesn’t blame you, Adi. =)

Fast forward to February 16, 2011. So it is just Dell, Ligster, and me. Our flight to Hong Kong was scheduled at 5:40 AM and since NAIA 3 is just a 20-25 minute drive from our place, we left home around 3 AM. We took the cab and picked Ligster up at her office on our way to the airport.

Soon we reached the airport and looked for our assigned check in counter but there happened to be none.

cebu pacific all international flights
February is the coldest month in Hong Kong but the weather can be unpredictable. Weeks prior our trip, I’ve been monitoring the HK weather through http://www.hko.gov.hk/contente.htm almost every day to help us decide what clothes to bring. We were excited to wear our hardly used winter jackets and boots but until a few days before our trip, the temperature forecast for the entire week of our stay would only drop as low as 18 deg c. Hence, our first day not-so-winter outfits.

not so winter outfit

We still had an hour before boarding so we headed upstairs and ate breakfast at Kopi Roti.

kopi roti

The plane left on time and while we had 2 hours to kill before we reach Hong Kong, we opted to take a nap.

good morning philippines

Good morning and goodbye, Manila!