Once Upon A Cantonese Winter: Window Shopping @ Citygate Outlets

Feb 16, 2011 — We were getting ready as we approach arrival into Chek Lap Kok International Airport not knowing what's waiting for us. As soon as our plane landed and started taxiing, the FA announced the one thing we haven't prepared for- "ground temperature is 12 degrees Celsius..." Uh-oh.

chek lap kok

Chek Lap Kok International Airport

 We didn't mind the temperature announcement at first but when we got out of the airport, it's really cold!

arrival hall

We braved the cold winds outside the airport as we waited patiently for the S1 bus. Time check – 9am. People heading to Kowloon would normally take the A21 bus but we’ve got other plans. We’re headed to Citygate Outlets instead.

s1 bus stop

Citygate Outlets' proximity to NP360 Cable Car Terminal (1 min. by foot) and HK Disneyland (2 MTR stops) makes it a usual stopover for NgongPing-Disney Itineraries. Being the shopaholic that I tend to be, I knew I'd be spending a lot of time at the mall that is why I decided that we do our window shopping on the first day. This way, we can go to Disneyland earlier on our 4th day and not worry about missing the parade.

Luckily, we only had to wait about 5 minutes before the next bus turned up.

s1 bus arrives
S1 Bus to Tung Chung

We rushed at the upper deck and took the front row seats.

s1 bus upper deck
Upper Deck. Front Seats.

One of the reasons why I love Hong Kong is you get to enjoy the sights just by riding a public bus.

view from the upper deck
View from the upper deck

Rail Road
Rail Road

After a "quick tour", we finally made it to the Tung Chung bus stop. With our luggage in tow, we made our way to the mall entrance.

 citygate outlets
 Citygate Outlets

My last visit here was 2 years ago and the place haven't changed except for a few new shops like Mango. Some of the shops open at 11am and it's still a bit early so we went down to check the food at Taste.

Beside the stacks of Yakult at the dairy section, I found this yogurt drink:

wahaha yogurt drink

I love the fact that the shops abroad have no security guards to check our big bags at the entrance or on every shop. We also didn't have to deposit our luggage at the baggage counter. We just took our trolleys wherever shop we went to and the sales clerks didn't mind.

We eventually got tired of walking from one shop to another. We stopped by McDonald's for brunch before heading to the city.