Once Upon A Cantonese Winter: Off To Macau

Feb 17, 2011 — It was hard to get up in that kind of weather. After all the preparations (packing stuff, dressing up and everything), we were able to check out at almost 11am.

ready for Macau

We’re leaving for Macau that day and since we will only be spending a night there, we decided to bring only the stuff we need. We left our suitcases at Golden Crown Guesthouse – our accommodation for the remaining days of our stay in Hong Kong. We paid 20HKD for each bag, had the lady at the reception secured them, and left.

Since it was nearing lunch time, we agreed to have lunch before taking the ferry. Where else but Café de Coral? It’s my 5th time to eat there at the Chunking Mansion branch. Should I consider myself a “suki” already?

cdc roasted duck
my roasted duck

cdc chicken curry
Ligster's Chicken Curry

cdc roast pork
Dell's Roast Pork

The China Ferry Terminal which is also in TST is a bit far to walk to and too near to take a taxi. So I still preferred we take the ferry at the Shun Tak Terminal at Hong Kong Island. We boarded the MTR and alighted at the Sheung Wan Station.

MTR to Sheung Wan

The ferry terminal is located just right above the station.

 turbo jet ticket booth

They were already selling the 2PM tickets so we hurriedly went to the booth and bought ours.

turbo jet tickets

There were only a few people lined up at the immigration and the process was just a breeze so we had plenty of time before boarding.

 HK immigration

The area started to get overcrowded as it got nearer the boarding time. People started to line up at the gate but we stayed in our seats. 5 minutes from departure, they finally called for boarding. We squeezed in among the crowds and followed the slow line leading to the ferry entrance.

inside the turbo jet

We searched for our seats once we got inside. I lined up at the rest room and when it was my turn, the boat was already moving. Ayayay! I struggled going back to my seat because the entire boat was shaky due to high waves.

The seas were very unforgiving the entire trip. I was half asleep and I can feel my tummy churning. We woke up just in time to fill out the necessary docs before arrival.

catamarans at Macau ferry terminal

After immigration formalities, we headed out of the Maritime Terminal/Terminal Maritimo and looked for the bus stop.

terminal maritimo

I took out my Ipod and checked my Macau Bus Routes app. It says that Bus 10B stops at the Orient Arch which is a short walk from Metropark Hotel. I have a history of getting lost around Macau when taking the bus so I was still anxious when we boarded bus 10B.

Did we get lost? Find out on my next post.