Exploring Chinatown

With only 4 hours of sleep, we dragged ourselves from bed to prepare for our first day in KL. After a quick breakfast of buttered toast with jam, we hit the streets of Chinatown.

Kota Raya Complex
Kota Raya Shopping Complex

We exchanged some more ringgits at a nearby money changer and headed to the famous Jalan Petaling.

 Jalan Petaling

Uncle Bean
Soya Milk

Wooden Slippers or "Bakya"

Batik Pants
Batik Pants

We stumbled upon this accessories shop and my friends went nuts at the sight of it and started to hoard necklaces and bangles.

ligster buying accessories

jego buying accessories

Transit Point Bed and Breakfast
Transit Point Bed & Breakfast

We had our lunch at a Chinese restaurant somewhere in this area. (on a separate post)



and continued our walking tour afterwards...

No Durian
this hotel doesn't allow bringing of durians. hehe.

Chinese Lanterns
Chinese lanterns

Teksi Stop
Taxi "teksi" stop

Jalan Tun HS Lee
Reggae Guesthouse along Jalan Tun HS Lee

Kasturi Walk and Rapid KL
Kasturi Walk

Kasturi Walk

You can find lots of stuff being sold here.

Nikon Building
Nikon Store

Palmmers Guesthouse

Palmmers Guest House

Aside from clothes and souvenirs, a lot of local food are also being sold here.

Putu Bambu
Putu Bambu

some dried fruits and other snacks

Central Market

Central Market - built in 1888 and considered a Malaysian heritage site. This used to be a wet market and now houses stalls selling handicrafts and other souvenirs.


It was mid-afternoon so imagine the heat. We hurriedly went inside the building and good thing it's airconditioned. We went straight to the stores selling snacks and we bought some pasalubongs. We also found a few restaurants like Secret Recipe. We went to the second floor and saw some Buddha images and cool home decors. Lots of local clothing are sold upstairs. My friends were able to buy some cool batik pants. The seller happened to be a Filipina.

Waffles for RM 2.80

We were headed to Putrajaya next but we stopped first by this stall and bought some waffles. I loved the peanut butter and chocolate. Calories! Yes!

--- part 4 of my 3 Countries, 7 Days - Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam series

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