Selamat Datang to Kuala Lumpur!

After almost 8 months of careful planning, my 7-day journey to 3 countries with four of my HS buddies, Jego, Binder, Ligster, Deb and my BF/travel buddy, Dell finally kicked off.

We left Manila on the night of February 8 and arrived at Kuala Lumpur LCCT on February 9 at half past midnight. Among us 6, only Binder and I had been to KL before. The first time we went there was in February of 2009 with Tetah as part of our week-long Southeast Asian trip.

I tasked myself to design our itinerary for KL with some inputs from Jego, who took care of our Cambodia and Vietnam leg. Jego and I consolidated our notes and gave everyone a copy of the itinerary. We included a few reminders to avoid any major problems on our trip. We even set a dinner/meeting a few days prior our trip.

Immigration procedures went smoothly, thank God.  We picked up our baggage and had a few dollars exchanged to ringgit just enough to pay for our bus fare and accommodation (rates are better downtown). We approached the bus and limousine counter to book for StarShuttle tickets to Puduraya Station. Pudaraya Station is just 5 minutes away from the guesthouse we were staying in and costs 8RM per way. We bought the 2am tickets which is their last available trip for the day and proceeded to the bus bay. There are other bus companies available such as the Skybus and Aerobus both of which stop at KL Sentral. You can check out the website of these bus companies to know their schedules and destinations. But if you have the money to burn, you can always take the cab.

45 minutes later, our bus finally arrived. We loaded our bags at the compartment and went to our assigned seats. The bus made a short stopover at KLIA before continuing the journey to downtown. Most of us were able to take a nap despite hearing Deb’s loud voice the entire trip.

An hour has passed and we’re still on the road. I was already hearing Deb complaining, “Akala ko ba 45 minutes lang? Gutom na ako….” When I peeked at the window and saw old buildings that resemble like that of Chinatown’s, I knew we’re near our destination.

Instead of Puduraya Bus Terminal, we were dropped off at Mydin Wholesale Emporium whichm fortunately is nearer our guesthouse. We collected our bags and walked towards Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock and finally reached the Ribbon Stayyz Guesthouse.

--- part 2 of my 3 Countries, 7 Days - Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam; Feb 8-9, 2012

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