SE Asia Trip Series (Day 1): Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


It was a looooong 4-hour journey. I don't know but maybe I'm used to flying for 2hrs when I go to HK or Macau. Or maybe I was just excited to see KL for the first time, eh?

At exactly 20 minutes before 4 o'clock, we touched down at KLIA's low cost carrier terminal (LCCT).

Airport grounds at 36 deg C. Hot! Hot! Hot!

Malaysian manongs. or Pinoys?

"Kastam" and "Kuarantin"

Transpo kiosks

Air Asia's Skybus, RM 9 to downtown KL

Star Shuttle

Inside the bus

My ticket, RM 15

The Skybus maybe cheaper than the Star Shuttle but when it comes to convenience, Star Shuttle wins for me. The Skybus stops only at KL Sentral and from there, you still have to take a cab to your hotel which will cost around RM 5-10 whereas the Star Shuttle will drop you to your hotel or in our case a few steps from our hotel. They also offer pick-up services for those traveling back to the airport. You just have to call their hotline ahead of your flight.

Impressive infrastructures.

Agora Hotel. Great location. Nothing more.

Our room.
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My friend was insisting that we try authentic Malaysian food for dinner, so we checked out the local restaurants in the area. (Sorry KFC!) We came across an open-air restaurant. It seemed popular since it is almost crowded so we decided to give it a try.

Restoran Dragon View

Peanuts and Chili (warning! not free)

Mixed Seafood

Roast Pork

Teh Tarik

I would not recommend this restaurant for the ff. reasons:
1. For an open-air restaurant, the food is overpriced.
2. They did not inform us that the plate of peanuts served at the table will be charged.
3. The fried rice doesn't taste good.

After dinner, we walked along Bukit Bintang area...

One-way streets.

The Pavilion Mall
The mall is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

Mandarin Oriental

Petronas Towers
After visiting the Petronas, we walked backed to our hotel to get some rest for the following day.