SE Asia Trip Series (Day 3): Kuala Lumpur to Phuket

02.23.09 We woke up excited knowing that we will be in Phuket in a few hours. The shuttle was supposed to pick us up at 9am. We went down the lobby early because we still have to check out. My friends bought some breakfast from a nearby Starbuck's while I patiently waited for the bus.
 Lot 10
A busy Monday morning at Bukit Bintang. 

Several minutes have passed but still no sign of the shuttle. We'll be late! Oh no! So I asked the staff at the reception if I can make a call to the Star Shuttle's office. The agent told me that the bus was stuck in heavy traffic but assured me that it will arrive soon.

A few minutes later, the agent called back. She told me the bus was already waiting at the next block.Yipee!

Ringgits. Turned into Baht after a few hours.

And who is this guy?

This was taken outside the departure area. I was just supposed to take shots of the airport when this man posed in front of me.

lcct departure
LCCT departure area.

baggage weight
Still got 3.5 kilos left for my Bangkok shopping.

At the boarding area.Yogyakarta bound passengers.

manu plane
A Manchester United plane. 
Air Asia was an official sponsor of the team until late 2008.

ronny and rooney
Ronny and Rooney. Lovely.

goodbye KL
Goodbye, KL. I'll see you soon.