SE Asia Trip Series (Day 3): Phuket, Thailand


Time to explore the beauty of the tsunami-struck island!

phuket landing

We departed KL a bit late so instead of our original ETA of 1:10pm, we landed at HKT at around 1:35pm. Thailand is an hour behind the Philippines so the local time here is always minus 1hour for Pinoys.

We had no plans of exploring Phuket because we’re only staying there for one night and another night in Phi Phi Don. We just need a convenient way to get to our destinations. listed down recommended drivers in Phuket. I e-mailed all of them and Mr. Mai has the cheapest quote. From 1700 baht, I was able to haggle down to 1500 baht for the 3 of us.

The quoted price included the ff. transfers:


Isn't it a good deal?

After collecting our luggage, I immediately saw the guy holding a signboard bearing my name. His name is Pop. He was sent by Mr. Mai to drive for us.

Toyota Altis

the king
Along the highway. His majesty.

Phuket Fantasea Billboard

 It was a safe 40 minute ride to Patong. The driver seemed nice but he barely spoke in English. Whenever I ask something, he would need to phone his boss so that he could understand what I'm talking about. Sabi ko nga eh, tatahimik na lang ako.

C&N Hotel at Rat-U-Thit Road

Great Location. There are many restaurants, convenience stores, and money changers within the area. It's a minute walk to Soi Bangla (where all the action happens), a 5-minute walk to the beach, a 5-minute walk to Jungceylon Mall. 

cnn hotel facade
Hotel's Facade

Great service. They have helpful and accommodating staff. The bellboy immediately took our bags inside the lobby as soon as we arrived.

cnn lobby
The lobby

I gave our payment to the driver and  reminded him to pick us up at 7 in the morning. When we entered the lobby, we were welcomed by the courteous staff at the front desk. 

Cheap Rates. For only 1700 baht (roughly 2380 pesos), we were able to get a  triple room (twin room + extra bed). The rate included free buffet breakfast and welcome drinks.

After paying for the room and the key deposit, we were escorted to our room.

 cnn beds
Clean Room with comfy beds.

The room has a hot & cold shower, tv, mini ref, and a safety deposit box. 

cnn ref
Drinks. (everything's chargeable except for the jasmine tea)

Every room in the hotel has a balcony.
hotel view
View from our room

Our stomachs have been growling since God knows when. Remember we only had coffee and some bread from Starbuck's that morning? So after resting for a few minutes, we went outside the hotel to scout for a place to eat.

And we landed here. A few steps from the hotel.

no6 restaurant
No. 6 Restaurant open daily 730am - 1200pm

12pm? There's got to be a typo in here. We had our lunch-merienda there at around 5 o'clock in the afternoon.

While waiting for our orders, I took a shot of one of their famous public transpos.
 phuket tuktuk
Phuket's version of Tuktuk.

The Tuktuks here looked liked multi-cabs which can accommodate more passengers compared to the tricycle-like TukTuks of Bangkok. And they looked safer.

At last, our orders have arrived.

mixed fruits
Banana, Watermelon, Papaya, Pineapple, Mango and Lime

garlic pork
Garlic Pork

stir fried veggies
Stir Fried Veggies with seafood

After our late lunch, we walked along Rat U Thit Road to check out on the shops. We saw a couple of these roving trucks promoting a Muay Thai match that night.

muay thai promo

We walked a few more meters and we landed at the Jungceylon Mall.

Pink decorations everywhere.
We checked out the shops and took some photos of the place. We exchanged some cash at the basement and bought something from the Minimart.

Big Yakults. Still hoping for a 1 liter bottle. Haha!

We went back to the hotel to change and proceed to Patong Beach. We talk towards Soi Bangla where rows of bars, grills, and massage parlors can be found.

Along the way, we passed by Mcdonald's...

Ronald says: "Sawasdee ka"

The sands of Patong Beach can be compared to Puerto Galera's so my friends and I were a bit disappointed. Boracay still holds the title.

White man dying to have a tan.

We stayed there until sunset...

sunset at patong2

sunset at patong3

On our way back, the streets were already full of lights and bars were starting to fill up.

patong at night
Patong at Night

On a Monday night, I didn't expect the place would be as lively as this. 

busy patong
Rows of bars

We passed by Starbuck's and got this souvenir tumbler (I started collecting since my Macau-HK trip the previous year)

muan jai blend
Muan Jai Blend

We also tried freshly squeezed orange juice.


A massage parlor sign caught our attention...

no sx

Went to Jungceylon again and bought some shirts for Pasalubong

jungceylon fountain
Fountain inside the mall

We went back to Rat U Thit road to have dinner...

dang restaurant
A highly recommended restaurant in Patong

chili patis
Fish sauce with chili.

tom yum goong
Tom yum goong

minced pork
Minced pork with veggies

Pancake for dessert. Burrrp.

thai massage
We rewarded ourselves with a massage

massage beds
Massage beds

The 1-hr massage only cost us less than 500 baht (tip included). We then headed back to our hotel room and had some rest. We have an early morning trip to Phi Phi!


  1. Enjoying reading about your travels, beautiful photos as well.
    Cathy & Gary:)

    1. Hi Cathy & Gary! Your site was a great help when I was preparing this Phuket trip. Thanks for dropping by!


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