Downtown Yogyakarta

We managed to squeeze in a walking tour and a little shopping around downtown Yogya before we left for Jakarta. Even though the city is still covered in ashes, at least the establishments were starting to re-open.

Taman Sari Water Castle

We were successful in our second attempt to see Taman Sari Water Castle. The main entrance was closed but we entered through another passage way.

A local tour guide approached us and asked for 40,000 IDR to take us inside. We consulted Wisnu and when he said it was okay, we agreed with the offer. We left him at the parking lot and we entered the complex together with the tour guide.

We walked through the underground passages and stopped for obligatory photos.

Most of the surrounding area have been occupied by the villagers. We passed through narrow alleys as we go to the inner complex of the castle.

building a volcano out of ash

Taman Sari is not being used anymore so it just serves as a museum nowadays.

Too bad we didn't see the bathing complex as it was still being cleaned up so we had to settle for a photo op at one of the gates.

Inside, there were beautiful paintings being sold and once again our haggling skills were put to test.

I tried the es kencur (ginger tea) sold by a vendor just outside the castle. Well, it tasted ginger-y with a hint of lemongrass.

And then we stopped by Batik Rumah , and got a batik table cloth that was on sale. (It now serves as my blanket when I travel.) I also got a scarf for my mom.

Before heading back to the hotel, we also did some last minute hunt for more souvenirs at the shops nearby.