Lime and Basil Thai Restaurant - Alfonso, Cavite

My fiance is a picky eater. He's not the type who enjoys trying out unfamiliar flavors. We do not share the same fondness of Thai food. But his approving face after trying ALL the dishes we ordered at Lime and Basil gave us a reason to come back.

We were in Tagaytay last Saturday to continue with our wedding errands. This time we tagged along our bridesmaids/regular travel buddies, Jego and Binder. Jego was the one who suggested that we try Lime and Basil in Alfonso, Cavite. None of us have been there but since we are fans of Thai food, we gave it a shot.

We easily found the place since it shares the same street as Marcia Adams and Ville Sommet. Coming from Tagaytay proper, we turned right on the street after the Tagaytay-Alfonso arch. Lime and Basil is a only a few meters from the highway. You'll pass by Marcia Adams to your left and then Ville Sommet to your right.

The gates were open so we drove in. But after seeing a bunch of guests, we thought they were having a private affair so we were hesitant to enter the restaurant. It just so happened that there were two big groups that day. Good thing, there is still an available table for us.

The place looks like a rest house that was converted into a restaurant. If you're a bigger group, you may use the main dining hall inside. Our table was in the veranda together with other smaller tables.  There's a wide patio in front that can be used for al fresco dining. There was also a garden at the back where they grow their Thai ingredients. You can actually buy herbs like Basil and Coriander. Too bad I wasn't able to take photos of the place.

Since we were the last to arrive and they were just starting to serve the food to the other guests, it took a while before ours were served. But the food compensated for the slightly slow service.

Fresh Spring Rolls -

Tom Yum Goong - color is a bit bland as compared to others we tried but the taste is really authentic.

Lime and Basil Salad - though it taste good, we would have enjoyed it more if there was less tamarind dressing or more greens.

Moo Grob - we liked the combination of crispy pata and cucumber in calamansi (or lime?) / fish sauce. Just trying to remember what it taste like makes me hungry.

Sate Chicken - our least favorite. The sauce is too peanut-y.

Bagoong Rice - for the first the time in two weeks rice-free diet, I gave in and ate a serving. and a half?  

For the food we ordered, damage is less than 500 per person.

Next time, I want to try their Pad Thai and Thai Iced Tea.

As per their website, they are only open from Thursday to Sunday. They allow walk-ins during weekends.