SE Asia Trip Series (Day 6): Bangkok Shopping


It's Bangkok shopping day! The sun's already peeking through the window but everyone's still lazy to get up because we're all tired from our flights the past night.

wake up daks
Daks' still sound asleep

By the time we finished getting ready, it was already 10:30am so we had a quick breakfast downstairs before heading off to Pratunam.

refill breakfast
eggs, bacon, hotdogs and a slice of watermelon

unlimited coffee
Unlimited coffee for every order of breakfast

Taxi's here!


The taxi dropped us at Central World Plaza and from there we walked to Platinum Mall.

Warning: Beware of touts within the area. When we got out of Central World, I put out our map and approached one of the bystanders to ask for the easiest way to get to Platinum Mall. (I'm familiar with the place because I've been there in 2007. I just want to know if there's a shortcut near the mall.) You know what the man did? He started to draw circles on my map and told us that malls are closed because it's a holiday. Then he offered us a tour to other places then started to draw again on my map. This was the exact story I've read about touts from the forums when I was researching for this trip. They will make up stories about malls or temples being closed on that day and  offer to take you jewelry and other souvenirs stores. (Sorry manong, you're not a good actor). How can malls be closed when we just came out from Central World which I'm 100% sure is mall? We just said thank you then left him there.

We just depended on our map and luckily we made the right turn. From Central to Platinum, it was a 10 minute walk under scorching heat. Ugghhh. Nevermind, a reward is waiting for us there - bargain shopping! Woohoo!

The real tuktuk

 bangkok shopping - platinum mall
Platinum Mall

6 floors of shopping stalls selling clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, etc. You can buy at wholesale prices for a minimum of 3pcs. Haggling is allowed but fitting is not. 

bangkok shopping - dresses

Next stop: MBK

bangkok shopping - i love MBK

bangkok shopping - shoes

We didn't shop much around MBK and it was almost dinner time so we looked for a place to eat.

santa fe
Santa Fe Restaurant



After dinner, I bought some shirts then I took my friends to Suan Lum Night Bazaar.

bangkok shopping - suan lum night market

It's like our Tiendesitas but much bigger and much better. (I'm not exaggerating). You can buy almost everything here. From clothes, home decors, furniture, etc. Most of the clothes are designed locally. They also have food stalls, massage parlors and a food court with a concert venue.

We were there until midnight. We were already tired and decided to go home.