Beach Bummin' in Boracay - Day 2


 Our whole second day was spent eating and chillin' at the beach. We started the day with a complimentary buffet breakfast at La Carmela. 

la carmela

 Boracay Courtyard doesn't have its own restaurant so all guests eat at La Carmela - its sister resort.

bfast at lacarmela
first round of breakfast

coconut trees

enjoying the sand while it's still low tide

tattoo shop
went to a nearby tattoo shop to have my first henna.


My friends are scheduled to arrive on the 3rd day so I booked them a room at Tan's Guesthouse.

this is on their annex building

Then we had lunch at Paradiso Grill

grilled liempo

grilled squid

mango shake

After lunch, we went back to the hotel to freshen up. Heavy rain started pouring in so we just stayed in our room and watched tv. 

And again and it was almost sundown when we went out. (ang tamad lang)


banana boat

A visit to Boracay is not complete without these sand castles. (ang dami pala nila ano?)

 sand castle

Of course we tried out the famous Jonas’ MilkShake and bought some barbecue at 10/stick.


Since we didn't have any itinerary that night, we decided to walk up to the end of Station 1 then walked back to the end of Station 3. Bored?

And when we got tired, we sat on the beach for a while and munched on our snacks.

We ended the day with a simple dinner at The Hobbit House which is staffed mostly of "little people". 

hobbit house