Beach Bummin' in Boracay - Day 3


We got up early and went for a jog by the beach. The previous night, we failed to reach the farthest end of Station 1 so we decided to check it out again. 

willys rock
The famous Willy's Rock

Walkway leading to Diniwid beach which is behind that cliff.

I almost didn't make it. Haha.

diniwid beach
Diniwid Beach

If you're searching for a quiet spot, then this is the perfect place. 

Waikiki Resort

view from the veranda

We jogged back to our hotel, took a shower then headed to La Carmela for breakfast.

 boracay morning

Breakfast by the beach...


People watching the whole day...


dad and kid


los tres amigos

mamma mia





uber enjoy

Late Lunch at Nigi Nigi Nu Noos

nigi nigi

nigi cucumber

appetizer lumpiang bihon
shrimp and fish

That afternoon, we decided  to do Paraw Sailing (the only activity we did during our trip). We proceeded to Station 3 where the Paraws are docked. Diving shops and other shops offering water activities are mostly
found here in Station 3.

station 3



When we're nearing Puca Beach, this is what welcomed us. Delubyo! Yikes!

puca beach
Glad we reached Puca Beach in one piece. =)


Time to go back! We didn't stay longer as it's getting dark.

As soon as we got back, we met our friends in Station 2 and led them to their room at Tan's Guesthouse (which I booked the day before). By dinner time, we met them again at D'Mall

We had dinner and hanged out by the beach for a while. On our way back to our hotel, we got to watch a fire dance performance...

fire dance 1

firedance 5


and took photos with them, for FREE.

fire dance 2

fire dance 3


(all the while we thought the show was free so my friends kept on posing with them until the performer asked us if we're with the group in front. Ooops! Bayad pala sila. Haha.)


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