Beach Bummin' in Boracay Day 4


We met our friends after breakfast and hanged out at the beach 'til noon.  


Skimboarding lessons?

paraw in the morning
Next time i want to try sailing during mid-day where the water is crystal clear. (afraid na sa dark water)

Poor little crab.
final dip
final dip before going back to the hotel to prepare for our flight

last minute shopping at D'Mall

We left around 2pm to be able to catch our 6pm flight (in Kalibo). We took the trike back to the Jetty port and were charged a special rate of php100. Ugghhh. 

Godofredo P. Ramos Airport

We headed to Cebu Pacific's Caticlan Office to wait for the van which will take us to Kalibo Airport. When we reached the office, we were informed by the staff that our 6pm flight was delayed to 8pm and because of that, we had to wait until 4pm for the van. Ngek. So while waiting, we decided to have our lunch at a nearby restaurant.

caticlan restau


chicken BBQ

After paying our bill, we went back to the office, collected our things, and hopped on the van. 

We arrived at the Kalibo Airport at 6pm - the original time of our flight. Since we knew that our flight is at 8pm, we didn't rush and stayed outside the terminal to fixed our baggage. After about 30 minutes, we went inside to check-in our baggage and were surprised when we were asked by the staff, "Bakit kayo late? Paalis na ang plane." And I was like, "Huh?" So I asked her how did it happen when we were informed by the staff from Caticlan that our flight was moved to 8pm. With their reactions, it seemed like the 8pm flight was non-existent. Luckily, I was able to talk to their supervisor and told her my concern. She immediately radioed someone (probably from the plane) and told us to get on the plane asap. "How about our baggage?"  She said it is okay and that they will just have to intercept it at the gate - a big okay for me cause I was a bringing a tripod. We just saved 400 pesos. Hahaha. So we paid for the terminal fee and run towards the plane. 

There were only 2 available seats on the plane. (Talagang para sa amin. Haha). When I've finally settled down in my seat, I checked my wallet and discovered that I only got 40 pesos remaining. Not enough to pay for the check-in baggage. LOL.  Oh and by the way, some of the Ms. Earth contestants were on that flight.