Bye Caramoan, now back to the Mainland

We woke up early on our third day as we had to catch the last trip back to the mainland.

We had a quick breakfast, took a bath, then packed our stuff.


We left a message for Ms. Rodriguez and her staff thanking them for the wonderful experience we had in their place.

pic the owner
with Ms. Rodriguez, the owner.

Before heading to the port, we stopped by St. Michael Parish.

st michael

church group shot

We arrived at the port just in time for the scheduled trip. We waited inside the jeepney as Ate Donna was buying our tickets. We then wrote our names on the logbook then started to aboard the boat.

Mayon Volcano from afar

after a safe 2-hour trip... we're back in the mainland. and yes we had to face the same dilemma that we had on our first day (it was documented this time) 

team A
Team A

team B
Team B

We stopped by Biggs for lunch

FYI: Bigg's is the biggest fastfood chain in the Bicol Region.

We also visited the deer farm at the foot of Mt. Isarog

mt isarog
Mt. Isarog

photo op with dudong
Dudong. The most tamed among the group.

Snob? Na-a. He's just waiting for the truck carrying their food.

deer watching
Now, who among you is Dudong?

pili nuts
Bought some pili products here. They have a lot of branches in Manila if you can't come over to Naga.

eco village
At the Ecovillage. Thank you Ate Donna!


  1. awesome trip with friends! haven't been to caramoan :( will surely go someday, somehow...

  2. =) looking forward to your next backpacking trip!


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