Exploring Caramoan: Manlawi Island

10.10.2010 - Manlawi has the widest sandbar in Caramoan. The water surrounding it is crystal clear. It was still high tide when we arrived so we stayed there for an hour to wait for the sand bar to appear.

boat in manlawi

We jumped off the boat and enjoyed the knee-deep water with the very fine sand underneath.

magic dahon
Magic dahon ride

Tents are erected on the highest parts of the sand bar. Visiting groups usually have their lunch here but our tour guide decided that we have our lunch at Matukad island which is our next stop.

upside down patrick

pic with the star
Photo-op with the star!

We walked towards the sand bar as it was starting to show up.

going to the sand bar

manlawi sandbar

It was difficult to walk on the sand bar since it's still partly submerged.

foot holes
'footholes' in the sand

jump manlawi

It was time to leave and being the good citizens that we are, we bid goodbye to Patrick and threw him back in the sand.

bye patrick