Once Upon A Cantonese Winter: Hong Kong Disneyland

Feb 20, 2011 —Hong Kong Disneyland just started its year-long event a month before our visit in celebration of their 5th year since it opened last September 2005.  

hongkong disneyland resort

I bought our tickets at the guesthouse the day before so we didn't have to line up at the ticket booth. Make sure to grab a map and show schedule so you can maximize your time at Disneyland. 

We saw these cute kids being photographed by their parents at the fountain.

adorable kids at disney 

This is where you can claim your photos shot by random Disney photographers.

disneyland photo

mickey pancakes
Mickey Pancakes

crying kid at disney
The happiest place on earth?

We explored Tomorrowland.  


and watched these 3 men perform

3 men playing drums

We lined up at the Space Mountain since we still have time before the start of the parade.

space mountain

It took a while before we had our turn at the Space Mountain so as soon as we finished, we went back to the Main Street for the parade.

I've seen two different parades during my first 2 visits - the Waterworks Parade in June 2008 and the 
Disney on Parade in August 2009. I was excited that I would be watching a new one which is the Flights of Fantasy Parade. 

flights of fantasy parade 

flights of fantasy tribal

flights of fantasy tribes

flights of fantasy idol

flights of fantasy flower lady

flights of fantasy fairy 1

flights of fantasy fairy 2

flights of fantasy lilo

 flights of fantasy woody

jumping tiggers
jumping tiggers 

winnie the poohs float

flights of fantasy tinkerbell
the star of the parade - Tinkerbell

We made our way to Adventureland and watched the Festival of the Lion King show. 

the lion king

festival of the lion king elephant

festival of the lion king fire

festival of the lion king

And then we took the raft to Tarzan Tree House.

tarzans tree house

 view from tarzans house
view from Tarzan Tree House

tarzan rope

We also lined up for the Jungle River cruise.

jungle river cruise
We got hungry so we bought some turkey leg from the food cart.

 turkey leg
Eating our turkey leg with It's a Small World at the background

The Golden Mickeys was about to start so we weren't able to see the Philarmagic =(


golden mickeys

The show is still the same as the first time I've watched it.But it's a must-see!

We rode the Space Mountain again before we heading to the Main Street for the fireworks display.

space mountain shot 2
Space mountain take 2!

Sorry for the lack of fireworks photos. I decided to just enjoy watching it this time.

tinker bell castle
Tinker Bell Castle


  1. been there twice and i absolutely love it. my happy place!!


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