Once Upon A Cantonese Winter: Ngong Ping Piazza

Feb 20, 2011 — We soon arrived at the Ngong Ping cable car station. There's a souvenir shop connected to the station.You can find shirts, keychains, magnets, and other souvenirs.

ngong ping 360 cable car

Ngong Ping Village hasn't changed much from the first time I was here 4 years ago. 

ngong ping village restaurants

Same old attractions like Walking with the Buddha and Monkey's Tale Theatre.

 walking with the buddha

A few restaurants here and there, and some souvenir shops.

ngong ping village

We just took a few pictures and continued walking to the other end of the village and then we saw this:

ngong ping piazza

The Ngong Ping Piazza. I had no idea that this was the one being constructed during our first visit. It has just recently opened in 2010 and serves as a link to all the attractions withing Ngong Ping.

ngong ping piazza map

Ngong Ping Piazza Map  

 The Ngong Ping Piazza is made up of four components.
The New Pai Lau

ngong ping pai lau 

new pai lau

Bodhi Path - the walkway leading to Di Tan

bodhi path

Di Tan (Altar of the Earth) - the pai lau on the right leads to the Po Lin Monastery.

altar of earth di tan

 and the Chinese Landscape Garden which we didn't get to see.

on the way up the buddha

We hiked up the 260 steps leading to the Giant Buddha.

 view from the buddha statue
View from the top

Good thing the temperature was tolerable that day. And there was no fog so we were able to enjoy the view from the top.

tian tan buddha
Tian Tan Buddha up close

I wonder what's behind these orange doors.

giant buddha orange doors ngong ping

We stayed there for a good 15 minutes and went back to the cable car station.

this way to the buddha ngong ping
This way to the real buddha. =)
Up next: Hong Kong Disneyland


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