Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

I've been trying to make different variations of chocolate chip cookies ever since I started baking them, hence this third post. Modesty aside, these cookies earned a lot of praises from my friends. I gave these to them as presents during our post-Christmas party.

I just referred to the recipe of the first chocolate chip cookie I did but I substituted the 3/4 cup white sugar with 3/4 cup dark brown sugar. I bought this pack of dark brown sugar at SweetCraft - a baking and confectionery supplies store in Mandaluyong. This dark brown sugar really has a deep brown, almost black color which explains the dark color of my cookie dough. It also gave additional moisture to the already moist batter.

I took out the cookies after 7 minutes. While pulling out the cookie sheet, I accidentally hit the oven ceiling that's why some of the cookies were a bit messed up. I set aside those "rejects" to be eaten by my cookie-monster niece. Hehe.

I packed the good ones in individual containers which I also got from SweetCraft.


  1. Nice but I find it a bit too dark but I guess you want it that way since you specifically used dark brown sugar for it.

    1. I wanted to experiment by trying different ingredients to find out what works for me. Well, I still prefer the lighter color but these ones still tasted good. =)


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