Bohol-Cebu Chronicles: Family Day Sunday

In a typical Filipino family setting, Sunday is considered a get-together day.  It is the time of the week where families relax at home together, hear mass together, have lunch together or visit other relatives.  This is exactly what my colleagues and I did that one fine Sunday.  

started the day chillaxing by the beach watching the sunrise

We had a mass at a nearby St. Augustine Church . Too bad the mass was in Visayan so I couldn't understand the readings and the sermon. But still it was an experience. It's not every Sunday that you get to do that - singing and replying in another dialect. 

We had a quick tour of the Shell Museum before going to lunch. They have a souvenir shop which sells well.. souvenirs and accessories. Warning: If you're heading to Cebu, you might consider just buying your accessories there because here the price is doubled or tripled.

Then we had a sumptuous lunch at Bohol Bee Farm where I got to eat some flowers in my salad again.

Then off to the Blood Compact Site. This is not actually the site where it happened as many people have mentioned. There was a marker located 5 minutes away but we were more interested with the souvenir shop nearby. Plus, its was in mid afternoon so imagine the heat. (just justifying my shopping)

Originally not part of our itinerary but by Ms. Vi's request, we went to Alburquerque, a coastal town located some 12km away from Tagbilaran, to see her aunt after many many years. And since we're there, we decided to stop by Sta. Monica Church.

We headed back to Panglao to visit the Our Lady of the Assumption Church in Dauis. This is famous for the miraculous well that produces healing water.

For our last stop, we visited our boss's niece who lives with her husband at Bohol Vantage Resort. This is the view from their balcony everyday.

It was already getting dark when we left the place. Back at the resort, we rested for a while then went out to have dinner. We decided to eat at Alona Hidden Dream again.