Camiguin, the Island Born of Fire


On to our Northern Mindanao trip day 3. The previous night, the group decided that we leave CDO super early to catch the 7am ferry to Camiguin in Balingoan Port. Balingoan port is an hour and a half drive from CDO proper so Kuya Jejemon picked us up at around 5am.

As soon as we arrived at the port, we immediately approached the counter just to find out that we missed the trip. The RORO left a few minutes ago. The staff told us that the next trip would be at 730am. Ugggh. Sayang naman ang gising ng maaga. Luckily there was an approaching RORO and it will depart for Camiguin at 6:50am so we hurriedly bought our tickets at the booth.


Fare: Php135
Terminal Fee: Php2.25

boarding area
Boarding Area (from Tetah)

RORO bound for Camiguin, now boarding...


balingoan port
Balingoan Port (shot from the roro)

Camiguin Island

It took about an hour before we reached Camiguin’s Benoni port. When we docked at the port, our contact for the tour went up the ferry and was holding a placard bearing my friend’s name. I overheard the manongs at the ferry saying: “Jinggo? Parang Jinggo Istrada”. (by the way, my friend’s name is Jego. lol).

Kuya led us to his orange mini-jeep and then we drove off to Paras Beach Resort.

mini jeep
Dyip ni Irap

Paras Beach Resort is a 30-minute drive from Benoni Port.

We're here!


(I'll show photos of Paras on a separate post)

Since our rooms are not ready yet, we just lugged off our things at one corner of the souvenir shop, finished off our drinks then went back inside the jeep to start our tour.

We haven’t had breakfast yet so we stopped by Vjandep Restaurant to have brunch. The food here is cheap and taste good.


Vjandep is famous for their pastel. Their restaurant is located beside a parola or lighthouse.
vjandep restaurant
Inside the restaurant

The BF and I ordered  2 cups of Rice...

1 serving of Ensalada (Ginataan Version)...


1 serving of Liempo...

1 cup of Salted Egg w/ Tomatoes...

salted egg

1 Pastel...


Damage: Php103. Amazing!
For our next stop, we went to Katibawasan Falls

Entrance Fee: Php15

Just outside the gate, the manangs were selling souvenirs (shirts, keychains, etc.)
We also got to try the Kiping for Php5 each – it’s like a fried turon wrapper smothered with coco jam

Daks: Lasang Bocaue! (baka bukayo lol)


The falls
Ice Cold

Brrrr. Sarap magswimming!

By lunch time, we headed to Sto. NiƱo Cold Springs

Entrance Fee: Php20

cold springs

sto nino
(From Tetah)

We spent an hour there but didn't swim. Malalim eh and it's not as cold as the water from Katibawasan Falls. Tapos tanghali pa, mangingitim. (Dami rason)

We just snacked on grilled saba @ Php5/stick
(from Kabbie)

and ordered Fresh Buko Juice for Php15

(from Tetah)

May nagpaluto rin ng Adobo!

Next Stop: Guiob Church Ruins

On our way to the ruins, we stopped by a lanzones stall along the hi-way. We were able to buy at Php50 a kilo.


new church
chapel built inside the ruins

hibok by the window
Mt. Hibok-Hibok by the window

Walls (from Tetah)

Bell tower

century old tree

120 yr old tree (from Tetah)

trese martires
Ayan kumpleto! old convent at the background (from Tetah)

Eh sinong nagpicture? Eh 'di siya!

manong lanzones
(from Kabbie)

Manong is a lanzones vendor who knows how to take good shots! Galeng umanggol!

We wanted to catch the sunset at the Sunken Cemetery and since we still have 2 hours to kill, we proceeded to the walkway to the Old Volcano. 

Walkway to the Old Volcano and Stations of the Cross

Only half of us braved the 400 steps + ___ km path

Blairwitch project

Summit (Note: the trail does not lead to the old volcano's summit)

Magnificent view at the top

9th station
at Station IX. SINGLES for Christ?

We survived the 1 hour trek + scorching heat + mosquito bites! Except that we missed the 15th station. Booo!

Reunited with our lazy friends. Haha! (from Tetah)

Bracelit. Nyaha.

Thank you ate for your refreshing mango shake! (Sabay bawi)

Last Stop: Sunken Cemetery

Paid 20 pesos each to get near the cross via boat.

boat to sunken
(from Caloi)


mt hibokhibok and old volcano
Mt. Hibok-Hibol and the Old volcano (view from the cross)

sunken group
(from Caloi)

sunken cemetery

--- Thanks to my dear friends for the additional photos 


  1. ang dami mong natandaan na details! mga pangalan ng mga bundok, ports, etc! hahaha

    anyway, jinggo istrada for the win!

  2. hi may i know what camera you used for this trip? thanks!

  3. i don't know the exact models of my friends' cameras. but most of the shots in this post were taken using nikon d40, d80 and canon s90.

  4. hi, can we ask for the contact number of your driver and boat man? we'll be going there on march pero we're trying to finish our itinerary na para wala na kmeng iisipin :)

  5. Reading your post makes me want to revisit Camiguin!^_^


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