HK 2008: Part III - CableCar, Buddha & Outlet Shopping


We got up early as we plan to get to Ngong Ping Cable car station just before it opens. We had cup noodles for breakfast then got ourselves ready for the trip. By 9am, we're out on Nathan Road again.

nathan road tst

To get to Ngong Ping Cable Car, take the MTR heading to Tsuen Wan, alight at Lai King, transfer to the train heading to Tung Chung and get off at the Tung Chung MTR Station.

red line

Pinoys spotted!

Beside the station is the City Gate Outlet Mall - Hong Kong’s only outlet mall that houses over 80 brands.


The Ngong Ping cable car station is just a minute walk from the Tung Chung MTR. Luckily, the cars are operational that day. (The first time we went there, it was scheduled for maintenance).

np 360

If the cable car is not available during your trip, you can still go to Ngong Ping village by taking bus 23 .

One of my aunts was hesitant to take the cable car but luckily we were able to convince her. If my memory serves me right, we only paid 98 each for a RT ticket. They offer discounted rates for child and senior citizen.

For current fares kindly check:

np360 terminal

Capacity: 18 passengers

and we're off!

up up and away


cable car2

buddha cablecar
Buddha - seen from the cable car

After a 25-minute relaxing ride, we finally reached the village.

ngong ping tea house
 Ngong Ping Tea House

Restaurants and souvenir shops can be found in the area. I bought myself a shirt and a souvenir ID Lace.

np village

Stopped for lunch at Zen Taiwan Bistro...

zen taiwan


wanton noodle
Wanton Noodle

After lunch, we made our way to the Tian Tan Buddha which is a few meters away from Ngong Ping Village.

The Tian Tan Buddha is a bronze Buddha statue located beside the Po Lin monastery. Admission to both places is free. We had to climb 268 steps to reach the top of the hill were the statue sits.

buddha 1

buddha 2
up close

Enjoyed the 15 deg c cold air and the superb view at the top...

view from tian tan

statues surrounding the buddha

buddhist statue

Took the cable car again going back to Tung Chung Terminal...

cable car

We checked out the stuff at Citygate Outlet Mall before heading to Disneyland... I scored a pair of Crocs Mary Janes for only 1,000+ php. Cheap eh?


Bought some shirts at the Esprit Outlet. Addict.