Once Upon A Cantonese Winter: Hot Pot for Midnight Snack

The Venetian shuttle bus dropped us off the ferry terminal. It was already past midnight and there are no more buses that operate at that time. Lucky us that there's still an available shuttle to Grand Lisboa. We were able to save on cab fare. Haha!

casino lisboa by night
  Casino Lisboa

The shuttle drop off leads to the casino entrance at the basement level. We had no plans of playing so we headed upstairs to the main lobby.

grand lisboa by night
 Grand Lisboa

From Grand Lisboa, we walked to Metropark passing through Wynn Hotel,

wynn hotel

Fortuna Casino,
fortuna casino

and Casino Diamond / Holiday Inn.

diamond casino

holiday inn by night

Just as we were looking for a late dinner/midnight snack, we got intrigued with this shop just a few doors from our hotel.

hot pot

hot pot instructions

The instructions read:

1. You choose the ???? food you like from our tasty selection.
2. We place it in our special soup mix until it's cooked.
3. Your food is then put into a bowl.
4. Choose your own sauce from our selection of: Curry, Mustard, Sweet Sauce, or Chili

*Please ask us for a suggestion to suit your taste.

Bon appetite!

squid balls etc
Priced at HK$ 7-8 per stick

street food hot pot
tofu, cheese balls, brocolli, glass noodles, beef tendons in chili sauce. yum!

food craving satisfied