Once Upon A Cantonese Winter: A-Ma Temple

Feb 18, 2011 — It was nearing lunch time so we went back to the ferry terminal. We were supposedly headed to Macau Tower next, then we go to A-Ma Temple afterwards. But after spending a couple of minutes waiting for the bus, we changed plans and decided to board the bus to A-ma Temple.

 A-ma temple entrance
 ama temple

We were intrigued by the dirty ice cream being peddled outside the temple. There were pictures of “celebrities” who have tried the ice cream and a news article about that ice cream vendor written in Chinese.

 famous ice cream

So all of us bought a scoop– priced at HKD 10 each. Gah!  

dirty ice cream

10 dollar ice cream
tasted like a 10-peso ice cream. we were fooled. haha.

After finishing off our expensive ice cream, we went inside the temple.

incense sticks

A-ma Temple or Templo de A-ma is a Taoist temple built in 1448 to worship Mazu, the goddess of the sea. It is said that she is the protector of the fishermen and the sailors.

colored stone carvings
colored stone carvings 

mini junk boat
mini junk boat

lucky charms

drum beating
a Taoist priest beats the drum

giant coils
incense coils

golden carvings

red envelopes

wash bin

round window