Bohol-Cebu Chronicles: The SuTuKil Experience

I always thought that "Sutukil" was a famous restaurant in Cebu. It's only after we arrived in Mactan Shrine when I learned that "Sutukil" is just a term coined from combining the Visayan terms "Sugba (grill)", "Tula (soup)" and "Kilaw (raw)".

Manna Su Tu Kil

Since the 2 boys are meeting their relatives in the mall, only us girls went to Mactan for dinner. Our boss booked us a transpo from the hotel so we didn't have to commute.Upon arriving at Mactan Shrine, we were swarmed by men at the parking lot trying to persuade us to eat at their restaurants.

The first restaurant we entered looked scary. There were no customers. It looked worse on the 3rd floor. Imagine an unfurnished room and we're about to get raped and killed afterwards. Yikes! So we left immediately and checked out the next one.

Our boss couldn't remember the name of the restaurant he recommended to us. All he remembered was the restroom under the stairs. So upon entering Manna Restaurant, we checked first if it has restroom under the stairs. And it has! Plus there were so many pictures of celebrities on the wall so we thought it's the one our boss is talking about.

Back at the entrance, we chose from the fresh seafood offerings. It's like dampa where you buy the ingredients and tell them how you want them cooked or prepared.

 Here's the upper floor. We were seated near the window. During lunch time, you'll have a view of the sea and the mangroves.

Now time to eat!
 lato salad


grilled fish

butterd shrimps 

adobong pusit

Manna SuTuKil (STK) Food House
Mactan Shrine, Mactan, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu


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