June 7, 2009. This marked the last day of our Ilocandia tour. Thank you Playa Tropical! Our flight back to manila is at 7:15 pm so we still had a few hours to tour the province. 

It was almost 2pm when we reached Paoay so we stopped by Herencia de Paoay for lunch.


It is located in front of one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Paoay Church. (also know as the St. Augustine Church of Paoay).


It was started in 1694 and was completed after almost 2 centuries.

paoay interior
The church's interior

After visiting the church, we drove off to Batac to check out the Marcos Museum and Mausoleum.

marcos's house

Ferdinand E. Marcos
Former President Ferdinand E. Marcos

marcos' table
The late president's desk

At the mausoleum's entrance, we were welcomed by this sign... ooops!

No picture taking

And so I obediently switched off my camera before going inside. The mausoleum looked smaller compared to when I first got here. Or I just got bigger eh?

For those of you who are wondering how his corpse looked like, I googled a photo for you.

Of course, our Marcos tour did not end there. We headed back to Paoay to visit the MalacaƱang of the North.

malacanang of the north

malacanang dining
the dining area  where they host parties for their cronies friends

malacanang back
The back of the house facing Paoay lake

malacanang bed
one of the bedrooms

malacanang living room
one of the living rooms

When we got back to Laoag, we also made a short stop at the Fort Ilocandia Resort.

fort ilocandia

We then made our final pasalubong shopping.

longganisa at the market

Of course the trip won't be complete without a kalesa ride

kalesa ride
my friends enjoying the kalesa ride to McDonald's

We asked the manong to take us to McDonald's (where we'll meet our driver before going to the airport). We bought some merienda from Mcdo and after a few minutes, we were at LAO's departure area. Too bad the flight was delayed for an hour. What a great way to end my trip. Haha!