Welcome to my first serious blog.

I've been contemplating on this for years now. I've had my first attempt a few years ago but I find it tiresome to maintain it while I have other social networking sites accounts to look after. Aside from that, I don't feel like blogging when I don't have good pictures to post. I'm not madaldal pa naman when writing. So kung walang pictures, walang laman ang post ko. Haha! I don't even remember my first URL. (nyarks)

So what pushed me to continue blogging again?
1. fewer accounts to update!
Friendster is so last season (im still checking it every once in a while but no more updates. ) My Multiply account is kinda updated (as of last year?) but since I have a facebook account, most of the time I upload my pictures there. So basically it's facebook na lang. No more reasons for me not to update this blog.

2. uso naman ang photoblog
I've purchased my first DSLR last September of 2008 to give it a try on photography. I'm still learning the art but I think my shots are good enough to be posted here. Di naman ako sasali "pa" ng photo contests. I've been traveling around the country and around Asia for the past 3 years. I already acquired a lot of photos from my travels that I feel I need to share with you. Sayang naman kung ako lang tumitingin dba? And besides, caption lang ok na. No need to make daldal.

3. I'm an addict blog-reader, why not become an addict blogger?
I spend hours reading on feeds on my google reader even if I'm at work (bad, bad, bad). I am a fan of blogs about travels, food, and fashion. I even follow the personal blogs of DOP and CVS. So why not start mine?

4. i can make money through blogging
Google adsense, please give me money. Promise, I'll be a good girl. =p

5. i want to be famous! yay!
nah. just dreamin'. malay mo lang naman. lol.

So after 10 years (of course I'm exaggerating) ... seryosohang blog na 'to!


  1. hi...enjoyed reading your blog..especially the hongkong series..sakto..I'm off to HK on Nov. may nakuha na akong ideas :) Will link u up :) Wishing you more travels to come

  2. same tayo... blog stalker din ako hehehe :-) i like your blog name by the way... astig! :-)


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