The day before my flight back to Manila, my dad took us to Stone Grill - a newly opened steak house at Omniya Shopping Centre in Salmiya, Kuwait.

Taken from the company's website:
StonegrillTM offers a unique interactive dining experience where diners meals are served cooking at the table on super-heated natural volcanic stones. These specially selected stones, chosen for their high heat retention, are heated to 400°C/752°F in our purpose-built StonegrillTM oven. Meals are presented within a protective ceramic serving tray, sided by vegetables and condiments.

stone grill signage

stone grill
Dim lights. Nice interior.

"fine dining"

bread basket
Basket of Bread (unlimited and it's for free! or maybe the Pinoy waiter is just being generous)

caesar salad
Chicken Caesar Salad

I ordered this one. Too bad i forgot what it's called. It has cucumbers, tomatoes, mangoes with vinaigrette

House Iced Tea

raw tenderloin
My mom, my dad and I ordered the beef tenderloin.

Rib Eye for my brother and his wife

stone slab
Stone tablet heated at 400 deg celsius! Hot! Hot! Hot!

no oils
Meat is served without any seasonings or oils

The meat is being cooked in its own fat

almost done
Almost done!

baked potato
Baked Potato


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