"V-day" becomes "Kada day" Year 2

On the eve of Valentine's day, I went out with the bf to have dinner with my HS friends and their BFs at Yaku, Podium Mall. I brought my camera with me but somebody forgot to charge her battery (genius!) I have managed to take six photos before the battery totally went out. At least I got six. =p

Anyway, here are 2 of the successful shots I've taken at the restaurant.

 yaku menu
Yaku Menu

tuna sashimi
Tuna Sashimi for Paota

Luckily, my friend brought her own camera so I had something to use for the night. Tuloy ang picturan! Thank you Kleng! Winner ka!

free dilis
It's dilis all you can!

enoki bacon
Enoki Bacon for Tekila

Maki for Tekila

yaku platter
Yaku platter for KD

kani salad
Kani Salad for Paota and KD

Mariawase (Sushi Platter) for KD

After dinner, we went down to Cafe Breton to have our walang humpay na chikahan over crepe sessions.

hot choco
Kab's hot choco

original sin
Dude's original sin. (haha! double meaning eh?)

la pinay
Tekila's La Pinay

Jego's Nutella

Déjà vu
Dejavu for me and the bf

That's it pancit! Belated Happy Valentine's Day!