Touring the Lion City: Clarke Quay

June 9, 2010. One of Singapore's best night spots is the Clarke Quay. It is situated at the mouth of Singapore River and used to be a trading port in the 1800s. It was named after Sir Andrew Clarke, Singapore’s second governor.

The old warehouses lining the harbor were restored and now converted into retail shops, bars and restaurants.

Clarke Quay is best visited at night especially for the party goers but due to our tight schedule, we decided to check it out in the morning of our second day.

It is also a good location for pre-nups.

It rained a bit when we were there and luckily we brought our umbrellas.Our colorful umbrellas made good props on our bridge shot!

Since the shop houses were still closed, we headed to this posh shopping mall, the Central Mall and had a quick lunch at their food court.

 Cold Milk Tea


Chicken Rice

The mall also provides free shuttle services going to and from Raffles City.