Touring the Lion City: PC Show 2010 - Suntec City Convention Centre


It's so fortunate that our second day in Singapore was the opening day of the PC Show 2010. And to avoid being squeezed in by the crazy people excited for the opening, we decided to go there right after we have lunch at Clarke Quay. From Clarke Quay, we took the train to Promenade Station.

tear drops
Disco Ball Tear Drops at the Circle Line
 By 2pm, we were at Suntec City Mall.

suntec city mall

tropics atrium
Tropics Atrium


We checked out the shops did some shopping on our way to the event hall.
cotton on
Cotton On! 

Who could resist shopping when a store says 50% off?

rubi shoes
Lovely and affordable footwear at Rubi. Bought 2 pairs. Hehe.

We got to the venue a few minutes before 4pm and here's what we saw:

box office
 Hundreds of people going up and down the escalators.

The Epicentre (Apple Premium Reseller) was jampacked.

Then we headed to the upper floor were most of the booths are located.






laptop coolers
Laptop coolers as low as 5SGD each. My sole purchase. Hah! Well not including the Imation External HD for my friend B.

We stayed there for about an hour then decided to go down and grab a bite at the Food Republic.

food republic

The Food Republic was designed like a colonial library from the walls to the chandeliers, to the tables and chairs. I was too busy finding us a table so I failed to have a decent shot.

food republic
"Bookshelves" at the back portion.

There were many food outlets to choose from which offer Chinese, Indian, Malaysian cuisine, etc.

food outlets

We ordered some buns.

roti prata
I also tried Roti Prata and watched how it was done.

roti prata with curry dip
Best paired with curry dip. Yum!