Touring the Lion City: IKEA


IKEA = stylish + affordable

The only IKEA branch that I've been to since I was kid was in Kuwait.  I've had attempts of visiting their HK branches on my recent trips but never materialized because I knew I would only be disappointed that I can't take the items home with me. Hello 15kg baggage limit! So when we got additional 15kg-allowance each due to Cebu Pacific's promo, I told the group that we MUST visit IKEA

And yes, it finally happened on our 5th day in Singapore. There are only 2 IKEA branches in Singapore - Alexandra and Tampines. The Alexandra branch is just less than 20 minutes away by bus from Chinatown so we chose the former.

living room 1

living room2

home office


white kitchen

lovely kitchen sink
My dream sink.

dining area



pullout bed


Mammut Stool.
I bought the white one.

ps chair
PS Selma Chair | tag price: around $400. ulk.

If you got hungry in the middle of shopping, you can also grab a bite at their restaurant.

ikea restaurant

push cart
cart for food trays.

bottomless drinks

kids spag
We had spaghetti...


nuggets and fries
nuggets and fries...

Swedish meatballs
and their best seller - the Swedish Meatballs!


  1. the Tampines branch is bigger, but Alexandra is the first Ikea branch I visited so I will always love that more. I miss the meatballs! you should have tried them with fries :) and the cake! you should have tried their cake! super sarap :)


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