Angkor Archaeological Park - Angkor Thom and Bayon Temple

After all that walking under the intense heat at Angkor Wat, we're glad to be back in our tuktuk seats.  Angkor Thom is our next destination that afternoon. Among it's five entrances, the southern gate is  nearest to Angkor Wat having a distance of 1.7km.

Angkor Thom Map
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Angkor Thom Map

Angkor Thom or "Great City" was the last capital of the Khmer empire. This city is enclosed in a rectangular wall having sides measuring about 3km each. It is also surrounded by a moat for added protection.

Lined up on each side of the causeway leading to the southern gate are statues of gods. On the left, are guardian gods called 'devas'...

Angkor Thom - Devas

while on the right are demon gods called 'asuras'.

Angkor Thom - Asuras

Angkor Thom Southern Gate
 the arch on the southern gate

Angkor Thom has many temples inside but the most prominent one is the Bayon Temple. It is unique for having carved giant stone faces in each of the four sides of every tower.

Bayon Temple

Here's a close up shot of one of the stone faces.

Stone Face at Bayon Temple

Like the Angkor Wat, some parts of the temple are undergoing restoration.

Bayon Temple Restoration

We climbed up to the steep wooden stairs to access the innermost parts of the temple.

 Bayon Temple

These apsaras are always present in every temple we visited.

Bayon Temple

This window is perfect for pre-nup shots. Our tour guide asked us to pose like we're doing a pre-nup but I preferred not sharing them with you. Too cheesy.
Bayon Temple 

We took advantage of the sun's rays for some dramatic shot. Hehe.

Bayon Temple
Photo Credit: Deb
Some locals make a living by having their photos taken in their traditional costumes.

Khmer Costumes
Photo Credit: Deb
Bayon Temple
Bayon Temple: Check!

We didn't explore the other temples anymore after this one. We headed back to our hotel to freshen up and rest before we go to the Apsara Show.


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    1. We really enjoyed our trip. I want to go back there and take more pictures.

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